SICKO World Cup Jersey

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SICKO World Cup Jersey

The "SiCKO World Cup  Jersey" is a  jersey with fine embroidered patches, hand printed with care, constructed rib crew neck. Ultra soft and comfortable fit. 

Authentic SICKO ™️

Sweat Resistant  fabric.

American Flag crest on left chest. 

Pan African Flag crest on right chest.

Fits quite fitted compared to other jerseys

Why choose us?

Reason One

SICKO is a modern concept offered direct to consumer at honest price points. New collections are released in small capsules and sold strictly in limited quantities. 

Wear It. Love It. Share It. Shop SICKO®.

Reason Two

I bought from SICKO® where does the money go?

To the creation of new clothing to release. We love sports, especially  youth sports, we create exclusive apparel to provide to youth sports teams.

We use our manufacturing and wholesale pricing to provide discounts for non profit organizations apparel needs. 

Reason Three

What began 10 years ago with a group of friends has grown into a lifestyle brand, redefining casual style. We have pushed boundaries by providing a new meaning to the word “SICKO®”.  We started by creating T-Shirts, now we offer an array of premium products.