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About SiCKO®


What began 10 years ago with a group of friends has grown into a lifestyle brand, redefining casual style. We have pushed boundaries by providing a new meaning to the word “SICKO®”.  We started by creating T-Shirts, now we offer an array of premium products. 

SICKO® was founded in Lexington, Kentucky; now the company is based outside of Nashville, Tennessee, and we ship our products worldwide. 

Our designs tell a story and encourages observers to inquire...

We make apparel for those who see life differently than the norm.

Wear It. Love It. Share It. Shop SICKO®.

Founded in Lexington, Kentucky. 

Deeper Insight

SICKO® is fresh off work attire, or weekend attire. We created clothes that are comfortable, different and stylish. We hated going out and looking like everyone else.

As we aged, we noticed everyone wore the same brands when going out or hanging out. We always viewed ourselves as “different”, so we wanted to curate apparel that highlighted our originality.

As a result, we only make limited quantities of our special items, we want to limit the SICK, to preserve your originality.

Our items have no theme; at times we have casual clothes, athleisurewear, and even business casual. We diversify our “drops” to coordinate with the diversity of our lifestyles.


SICKO is an acronym we created to describe ourselves:

Successful Individuals, who are Confident with a Keen mind and a strong sense of Originality.

We coined ourselves "SICKO's", and we referred to ourselves as a "SICKO".

Naturally, this garnered attention when out in public; especially when we started to wear shirts with just the word "SICKO".

We have been representing the word SICKO since we were young, and the brand "SICKO" represents a coming of age story that details the relationship between a group of friends from grade school to adult life. 

Today we are a collective of men and women who live across the United States, and hold professional positions that include being apart of the armed services, educators, real estate, sales professionals and business. 

Although our demographics changed, our love for fashion and originality sustained... enjoy our SICK creations!



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